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{The scene in front of the 'Gear's lens when it comes on is a little unusual, to say the least.}

KIYONE! Put me dowwn, you no-good Psychic! {Nanao is dangling in the air. This isn't that unusual, except for the fact that it looks like she's been dusted with shimmer powder all over. That, and she seems to be mispronouncing her "w" sounds.}

I swwear to god, if you drop me in that pond I wwill flay you alivve, you bloody Alakazam--! {She's dangling over a deepish fountain in one of Saffron's parks. Seems her "v" sounds have also been affected. Despite being held firmly, she's thrashing about like her life depends on it (it doesn't, but she doesn't know that), once-black, now deep blue hair flying about all over the place.} You utter bastard, you knoww I can't swwim!

{Kiyone pays her no mind, and drops her in. She sinks like a stone.}

{Silence fills the park, and the surface of the water smooths to a glassy finish.}

{The 'Gear is promptly dropped, and the Blaziken who had been filming strides over to the fountain, peering in to the depths. Kiyone floats down beside her, trying to fish his trainer by Psychic means.}

{Suddenly, there's an almighty splash, and Kiyone gets knocked right out of the sky and onto the dirt by a very wet and very annoyed Nanao.}

I wwarned you--! {Cue a chase which is best visualised by listening to this song. Needless to say, it involves Nanao running around after Kiyone, spitting copious amounts of Bubbles at said Alakazam, and accidentally summoning a rainstorm, which shorts out the 'Gear. You're welcome.}

{OOC: Nanao has level one water powers, and rather resembles a Naiad. Shiny skin, blue hair, and a really low Attack stat. And E-Rank luck. Video replies will come ICly about an hour later.}
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What has it been, a year and... eight months? Well, seven. And yet I have aged three years in that time. {A sigh.} It’s good to know that this place makes as little sense as ever.

. . .

Tell me Johto, Kanto, have you ever heard the Legend of Tanabata? It is an old tale, and like all good stories, contains both love and heartbreak. It seems to be a particularly favoured theme, to be quite honest, as it pops up again and again throughout the myths and legends of all cultures. {She smiles, and she looks at peace, contented.} It’s my birthday today – well, not just mine. Crow Hogan, I hope you have a wonderful day, and that you enjoy your presents.

One hundred and forty years... It sounds impossibly old, doesn’t it? Ah, but I am so young compared to some of my colleagues back home. Happy Tanabata, everyone.

{She can be found wandering around Saffron today, just chilling and enjoying the lovely weather.}
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{It seems to be a lovely day over in Saffron.... except for the little girl scarpering around on all fours after some rather confused looking Pidoves. There's an exasperated laugh, and Nanao comes briefly into frame as she casually tosses the 'Gear to Kiyone the Alakazam and jogs towards the little hellraiser.}

Isis! If you're going to chase Pokemon, at least do it as a Zorua! {The little girl shows no signs of listening, and finally manages to pounce on one of the hapless birds. OMNOMNOM DELISHUS-- hey wait what why'd you take it away from me :C}

Let it go, girl. {Unhappily, Isis does as she's told, and the Pidove flutters away to roost on top of a nearby building.}

Well, that went alarmingly well. {Nanao rolls her eyes at Kiyone, and picks up her now Zorua-shaped Zorua.}

It went quite well, considering you didn't help at all. I honestly don't know of any Alakazam that's quite as lazy as you.

I take offense to that! Besides, she's a Dark type. It would hurt. {It almost sounds like he's pouting.}

Yes, and you're level sixty-something.

It would still hurt, though.



Yet, accurate.

I concede this battle.

Thank you. {She sounds smug as all hell, and Kiyone clicks the feed off in order to try and preserve what's left of his dignity.}

{OOC: Nanao will be wandering around Saffron, so feel free to bump into her!}
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//video; warning for mentions of death

{When the feed clicks on, it's not immediately obvious what's happening - indeed, the scene is almost preternaturally still. A little girl with black hair slowly tiptoes across the floor towards an armchair, head cocked to the side curiously. The camera moves to follow her, and in doing so, reveals the occupant of the armchair.}

Hello, Isis. {Nanao looks old, sitting still as a statue - the Fisher King, if you would, ensconced forever on her throne. The little girl - Isis - clambers up onto her lap, burying her head beneath Nanao's chin, and whines unhappily.}

You have not been yourself, mistress. {An unfamiliar voice, wispy and thin floats out of nowhere, at least until Kiyone, her first starter and Alakazam moves forward into the picture.} What ails you?

You have my memories, do you not? {Isis curls and shifts so she too can look at the powerful Psychic - her eyes, only just visible, are the same shade of purple as Nanao's own.} That is correct.

Then I would suggest you peruse them with today's date in mind, Kiyone. {Her voice is tinged with bitterness and pain, and her arms come to hold Isis close to her chest.}

{The Alakazam is quiet for a long time, sitting cross-legged in mid-air, running through a century and a half's worth of days dated June 18.}

....I am sorry that I did not make the connection straight away, mistress. I should have checked myself. {Nanao shakes her head, and moves to stand, startling Isis, who transforms back into a Zorua. Neither the human nor the Alakazam pay this any notice.}

It is not your fault - I am just being exceptionally maudlin over events that have happened a long, long time ago. {She crosses to the window, Zorua cradled close.} By all rights, I should have forgotten....

One does not forget death easily. Especially not one's own. {Kiyone's hand closes over the 'Gear quietly, shutting it off with a flick of his claw.}

//action; Goldenrod

{In the afternoon, one might see Nanao and her considerable amount of Pokemon gracing one of Goldenrod's larger parks - the Pokemon are playing, yes, but they seem to be keeping closer to Nanao than usual. That said, they certainly will allow you to talk to her, if you so choose.}

{OOC: Kiyone is actually speaking English here - yes, he is now able to freak people out without telepathy. Yay? EDIT: PLEASE GO AND READ THIS FAQ, it is very important and deals with talking Pokemon! Kiyone has had over a year of practice to learn how to do this properly.}
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{The feed comes flickering on to a quiet scene - visible is Nanao who is kneeling down next to a... Marowak? But something seems off about the whole thing. For one, Nanao's clothes seem to have travelled back about 150 years, and the Marowak is... glowing softly.}

{And there's a chain coming out of it's chest.}

{And Nanao's holding a short sword.}

I'm sorry to hear that Team Rocket killed you, but your son is safe now, correct?

{The Marowak nods.} And yet you stayed behind to watch over him. {Nanao smiles a little.} I would say that you've gone above and beyond the call of motherhood, dear Marowak.

{The Pokemon rumbles quietly, shifting around, settling comfortably into place.} I guess you're more than ready to move on, aren't you? {Another nod.}

It's painless - believe me, I've been through the same process as you. And Soul Society is a better place... mostly. {Her free hand comes to rest on the Marowak's head, giving it one last scritch behind the ears. The sword comes up, and the Marowak tenses - but Nanao flips the sword around, so the blade is pointing back towards her, and carefully places the end of the hilt to the middle of the pokemon's forehead.}

{The point of connection glows bright green and spreads over the Marowak's entire body. It glows almost painfully bright, before the shape dissipates and reforms into a small black butterfly, which perches happily on the hilt of her sword.}

So many ghosts... {Nanao stands, and a whole host of butterflies rises up around her, fluttering up from the ground, revealing gravestones and, oddly enough, Raikou.} I knew Johto didn't have Shinigami, but it is just ridiculous to not have someone to send on all these spirits from an actual burial ground-- yes, hello there, Raikou.

{The cat legendary was butting her in the arm somewhat less than gently and she obliged it by stroking its ears, producing the loudest purr anyone was ever likely to hear.}

It seems this has happened. Again.

Team Rocket must really be getting bored by now.

{ooc: FEEL FREE TO TAG! Nanao will be wandering around Lavender Town, sending on ghosts of many species, and just generally lamenting the fact that it's bloody happened again. She'll also be popping up here, there, and everywhere, since 4th wall means random teleportation.}
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//Video; unfiltered

{Nanao's seated at a table, two rather massive books open in front of her.}

I have been doing some research into what caused those... extreme weather conditions, and I believe I have found out what - or more accurately, who caused it. {She picks up a sheet of paper - three large dog-like creatures are shown running.}

This is an artist's impression of the three Legendary Beasts: Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. Each is said to hold mastery over an element, and I believe that Suicune's affinity for water, specifically, its rumoured ability to be able to cleanse the most polluted of water, is why the towns and cities of Johto and Kanto were filled with rubbish. Someone - and I suspect Team Rocket - did it to lure out Suicune. It worked. {The paper is lowered.} Again, this is only a rumour, but it is said that the three have an intrinsic link, a psychic connection of some kind, which would then explain why the other two Beasts awoke.

{She breathes in deeply, hands flattening against the table's surface.} I say the other two awoke, because Raikou decided to look in through one of the windows of my house during the storm. There have also been reports from Kanto that Cinnabar's volcano began erupting again, which can be linked to Entei. According to legend, each time Entei howls, a volcano erupts. I do not know why Team Rocket chose to antagonise such amazingly powerful creatures, but I have to say that it would be incredibly foolish for them to try it again.

{She lays a hand over the top of the slightly smaller book on the table, and addresses the feed again.} I have amassed quite a bit of information pertaining to those Beasts, and towards some of the other Legendaries, so if you have a question, I will do my best to answer.

//action, late afternoon (goldenrod)

{You might see a Blaziken walking through the streets with a Nanao on her back in the afternoon.}

{Follow her, and you'll see them trace a path down towards Route 34, but take a sharp right just before the route proper begins. Flood debris litters the path, including an upright piano lodged upside down in a tree, a hole punched through it.}

{She pauses for a moment to stare at one of her most treasured possession, before nudging Charmeuse on to regard the wreckage of her home. None of the windows have glass in them - indeed, most of the walls are actually missing, with just the rickety-looking studwork holding up the top floor, which sags out alarmingly. A few sad little tulips poke through the piles of junk and sand left by the retreating floodwaters.}

Goddamn it.
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{So, how bout those hideous weather conditions? Pretty bad time to be at the beach, don't you think?}

{Isn't it a pity that Nanao's house is literally just next to the beach... And the feed shows her staring despondently at the waves lapping at the top of the hastily-erected sandbag wall in front of her porch. A baby Absol is curled on her lap, whimpering unhappily.}

I suppose that even I know when it is more prudent to retreat than to keep fighting.

{Wheeling back inside, it seems that most of the movable furniture has been taken upstairs, but the upright piano sits defiantly in the middle of a bare room. Too big to be taken upstairs, and too unwieldy to really be moved, there is little chance of it surviving the flood. The light flickers overhead.}

I would really appreciate a hand in leaving, given that I'm stuck in a wheelchair, and my lone Water-type is too young-- {A massive crash of lightning rattles the windows, and the light finally gives up the ghost and dies, leaving the room dark.} ...well.

Help would be wonderful, the sooner the better.

{OOC: She'll be replying to video tags ICly an hour later, but action tags would be absolutely fabulous c:}
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--you cannot keep me here forever! That is a violation of my rights as a Trainer! {Yes, that is indeed a Nanao. And she isn't terribly happy, as her voice may suggest.}

But ma'am,as I have said, you cannot walk! {And that is a nurse, who is apparently in her way.. PATIENT IS NOT HEALED. PATIENT IS NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE. This argument has also apparently been going for a while.} And you are designated as a Breeder, subclass: Lady, and not a Trainer. However if you wish to change your designation--

Be quiet.

{Two words, spoken relatively quietly, but with devastating effect. Nanao has had enough of this, and used VOICE OF AUTHORITY. It's super effective! The nurse, happily, shuts the hell up.}

Thank you. Now, I will be taking my leave, and you will not follow, attempt to return me to this Centre, or indeed attempt to forestall my journey in any way, shape or form. Am I clear, Nurse?

Y-yes ma'am, crystal clear!

Excellent. Now, if you wouldn't mind moving, I want to get going while there is still sunlight.

{From the noises, it seems that the nurse moves out of the way, and a regular metallic clicking noise starts up. Automatic doors whoosh open, and shut, and the clicking becomes a clanking.}

I give them ten minutes before they start after us. Charmeuse, may I have the ‘Gear? {There’s an affirmative cluck from Kanji’s old Blaziken, a rustle, and then the video feed switches on to a view of Nanao on top of… a Skarmory?! From what is visible, she has somehow Macgyvered a saddle together while in hospital, and has since strapped it onto Jyuu, and then strapped herself into it. It also looks weirdly comfortable. She also looks vaguely surprised at the ‘Gear being on.}

Oh, it’s on. Well. {She returns Charmeuse, and nudges Jyuu a little with her free hand.} As you can see, I’m leaving Violet. And Heather? {She grins.} This is how you do it.

Jyuu, Fly!

{The Skarmory squawks, and suddenly accelerates, the stunned passersby mere blurs as the wind howls past. A metallic clunk resounds, and the razor-edged wings extend – suddenly, the saddle makes much more sense. Nanao laughs, there’s another jolt to the camera, and then suddenly the only thing around is the sky. Below, the city limits of Violet fade away fast, and Route 36 stretches out ahead as far as the eye can see. After she finishes laughing, Nanao addresses the camera one last time.}

I should be arriving in Goldenrod midmorning tomorrow. I guess I’ll see you guys there!

//text; locked to Hitsugaya Toushirou

Sorry for leaving so abruptly, but I couldn’t stand being in there for a moment longer. If you want, I’ll send Jyuu back to you after I get to Goldenrod.

//text; locked to Souji Seta

According to my calculations, I’ll be in Goldenrod by 10AM tomorrow. Think you could meet me there?

{OOC: For those who want to welcome her back to civilisation/yell at her for being reckless/give her a hug, there is an open log over HERE for people in Goldenrod!}
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//TEXT, no filter

Natu and Skarmory eggs for sale. Four of Natu, four of Skarmory. Natu egg moves include Return and Steel Wing, Skarmory egg moves include Return and Fly. Both will take roughly nine days to hatch. Price on advance.

{Because it had to happen sooner or later. There isn't a Pokedaycare post up yet, that will go up in a while. Sherlock Holmes is also advised not to bother asking.}

//VIDEO, no filter, accidental

{Ah, what a lovely day it is just south of Violet! The breeze is blowing, the grass is rustling... And a herd of very ANGRY Mareep are staring down one very scared Natu. It is actually possible to hear the electricity crackling off them. Also visible in shot is Nanao, who seems to have just realised that three-quarters of her current team is weak to Electric-types.}

{That and she is going to have to make a heroic sacrifice if she doesn't want her tiny tennisball bird to become crispy fried. Guess which choice she makes.}

{There's a crackle of thunder and lightning, the bird goes flying in one direction (knocked out, but only partially crispy), and Nanao gets to experience what it's like when you're hit by ten Thunder Waves at once.}

{...someone might want to go help her.}

//AUDIO, six hours later, filtered to the Shinigami, Envy, Miguel, Tulio, Souji, Crow, Heather.

{She sounds hoarse and horrible. But at least she's speaking! ...or mumbling. Hooray for paralysis?} I think I'm going to leave Violet fairly soon. Got the badge and everything. Big city lights callin' my name an' everythin'.

...don' ever get paralysed. Sucks.

{OOC: The badge was mod approved!}
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{The feed clicks on to show a clock on the wall. It's just gone a quarter past one in the morning.}

Definitely not the latest time that I've ever entered a city. At least I made it safely this time.

{And then the feed clicks off again. Sleep well, Johto.}
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Non-IC cut for length! )

{When the feed clicks back on, there's a tiny little blue and red elephant calf cuddling up to Nanao, eating berries right out of her hand. Nanao is smiling like all her Christmases have come at once.}

I suppose all's well that ends well, little Hannibal.

{She (yes, she) stops eating long enough to let out the squeakiest trumpet, and then resumes eating. And that's where the feed clicks off for the second, and final time.}
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Envy, Tulio, Miguel, Rangiku Matsumoto, France, China, England, Cooper.

Toushirou Hitsugaya, Marona, Souji Seta, Minato Arisato, Crow Hogan, Heather Mason, Yosuke Hanahjdvsfgkrdb;'lnhuioxfg

{Some may be surprised by this text popping up on their 'Gears. Others, curious.}

{And then the feed changes abruptly to Video}

-ssandra! Don't do that, and oh dear. {That voice... it may sound quite familiar to some. At first, the only thing visible in the feed is a rather disorientated Natu, but fingers soon grasp and right the 'Gear again, and Nanao's face comes into view. She chuckles in a long-suffering fashion when she sees that it's recording.}

Drat. And here I was hoping that Johto would have ignored - or at least, lessened - my bad luck with this place. It would have been a kindness... {She trails off, and her expression changes to one more thoughtful. Those who knew her before might be able to notice that she looks a little older, perhaps a little careworn. It isn't a big change, but it's there all the same.} ...then again, I suppose returning here is a kindness in and of itself.

{And the Natu, which has slowly been regaining her sense of balance, attempts to hop up her sleeve and onto her shoulder! .....and fails miserably, falling and knocking the 'Gear out of Nanao's hands in the process, ending the feed.}


{Nanao can be found wandering around New Bark Town, and chances are, she'll probably approach your character if they look particularly lost!}

TEAM v3.0

Mar. 17th, 2012 11:19 am
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bamfsecretary: "Nemo" by Nightwish (Default)

[personal profile] exeggutorhead/ FMA 2003 Anime /
DEADBROOOOO. In other words, Envy was the first person that Nanao actually considered family here in Johto. She also totally approves of his relationship with France. She found out that she can short-circuit his brain by mention children, France, and him in the one sentence.
[personal profile] greatbigrock / The Road to El Dorado /
The most slow-developing of relationships, but she finally confessed her love to him! a letter, after she disappeared, but it's the principle of the thing that counts. Things are moving rather slowly at the moment, but that's mainly because she keeps hurting herself. It's not her fault! Mostly.
[personal profile] freezetheskies / Bleach /
The teeniest of Captains, she wrote a letter to him too, and finally managed to say that she thought of him as the son she never had. There seems to be some confusion about who is who's parent at the moment, especially now that Nanao's stuck back in a wheelchair for the time being. Sob. NEEDS TO EAT MORE.
[personal profile] vulpesvivus / Metal Gear Solid / hearts
She's had the odd bit of contact with him over her stay in Johto, but it was when he texted her on the anniversary of her deathday that she really got a sense for how heartbreakingly similar they are, even if she is dead and he alive.

[personal profile] darkenedgales / Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's /
As of her return, she officially classes him as a sonthing! Congratulations! Also she really wants to hug him since he burst out crying in her reintro post ;o;. Tricked her on April Fool's but she seriously thinks he'd make a great cop. He doesn't agree.

[personal profile] solas_ion / Fate/Stay Night /
She has the most massive crush of all time on him BUT SHE IS A TAKEN WOMAN... or... something... Doesn't stop her from getting all flustered and fangirly around him though. Bloody Irishmen and their stupid accents hnnnng.

[personal profile] francia / Axis Powers Hetalia / hearts.
The boyfriend of her brother, and therefore an inlaw. Or something. A charming gentleman, they really should go shopping together more often.

[personal profile] paladinlost / Final Fantasy IV / hearts.
A fellow breeder and long-time sufferer of Pokemon antics. She may end up buying a few eggs off him yet.

username / some link / whatever you want goes here.

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Feb. 21st, 2012 01:08 pm
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MAGNA 4 SP Inflicts a small amount of earth damage on one enemy.
BASH 10% HP Inflicts a small amount of Strike damage to one enemy.
DIA 4 SP Recovers a small amount of HP to one ally.
AQUA 4 SP Inflicts a small amount of water damage on one enemy.
CLEAVE 10% HP Inflicts a small amount of Slash damage to one enemy.
PATRA 3 SP Recover from Fear, Confusion, and Rage. One ally.
MAHA MAGNA 6 SP Inflicts a small amount of earth damage on a group of enemies.
RE PATRA 3 SP Recover from Down and Dizzy. One ally.

MAHA AQUA 6 SP Inflicts a small amount of water damage on a group of enemies.
MEDIA 8 SP Recovers a small amount of HP to all allies.
MAGNUS 6 SP Inflicts a moderate amount of earth damage on one enemy.
DODGE FIRE passive Doubles evasion against Fire attacks.
DIARAMA 8 SP Recovers a moderate amount of HP to one ally.
AQUES 6 SP Inflicts a moderate amount of water damage on one enemy.
EARTH BOOST passive Earth damage output is increased by 25%.
ROCK FALL 12 SP Inflicts a moderate amount of earth damage on all enemies.

AMRITA 25 SP Removes all status ailments from one ally. Can be used in the field.
AQUADYNE 12 SP Inflicts a large amount of water damage on one enemy.
EVADE FIRE passive Triples evasion against Fire attacks.
MAGDYNE 12 SP Inflicts a large amount of earth damage on one enemy.
MEDIARAMA 16 SP Recovers a moderate amount of HP of all allies.
ENDURE passive Survive being knocked Unconscious once per battle with 1 HP remaining.
MAGMA DROP 32 SP Inflicts a large amount of earth damage on all enemies.
SPELL MASTER passive Halves the SP cost for all magic skills.



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